Troop website and document storage in ScoutBook?

Our troop recently moved to ScoutBook from TroopTrack. 2 features that we loved in TT were the ability to have a troop website hosted on it and to store a variety of troop documents in it. Does this functionality currently exist in SB or is there plans to add it? What are other troops doing for these 2 items if it doesn’t currently exist? Thanks, Tanya

There are no plans for either - we use a google drive and website

We were going to use a Drive in the short-term, but maybe that becomes our long-term solution. Where do you host your troop website and who maintains it? Thanks, Tanya

@TanyaSteinhofer - this is our troop site:

all units hosted on

Thanks for sharing. Is someone populating both the Google calendar and the SB one or is there someway to have one sync to the other?

@TanyaSteinhofer - the unit g-cal is subscribed to the scoutbook calendar so an update in scoutbook updated the site. The documents just like the web site are stored in g-docs.

Thanks! I don’t know how to do that (subscribe troop g-cal to SB calendar), but I’m sure we can figure it out.


You want to subscribe to the scoutbook calendar URL and those instructions are further down in the above

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