SB troop calendar on a website?

I want to be able to show our troop calendar on our website. Does anyone know how I can ‘point’ our website to see the SB calendar? I read on here about having a google calendar and the subscribing to the SD calendar, but I’m not sure how that works or if that is the best way to set it up. Any direction in helping educate me would be greatly appreciated.

@RobertEberhart - our units have the scoutbook calendar as part of our sites. The overall link is and each unit has a google site. The g-account for each unit has the scoutbook calendar subscribed so they are dynamically updated as scoubook is updated. Now the key would be knowing your site platform as that will most likely if not g-sites will need an i-frame to embed the google calendar or which ever calendar is subscribed to the scoutbook calendar.

@Stephen_Hornak is right that the details of your web hosting will impact the exact steps you need to take for your calendar to display, but there is also some information about the Scoutbook calendars here:
Using Scoutbook Calendars (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

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