MB initial unit leader signature as quick entry

The forums indicate that the Feature Assistant Extension was used to add the initial unit leader signature to a merit badge for multiple Scouts. However, that Feature Assistant is indicated to be no longer supported. It would make sense to have this under a Quick Entry option when many scouts are starting the same MB. Or does this possibility exist somewhere else?

@BryceWilliams - I am still running the Feature Assistant. Could you point out where it states that the feature assistant is no longer supported ?

It is supported. It is a Scoutbook tool, so as functions move to Internet Advancement, there will be some functions that will no longer be available in IA. However the IA programmers are making every effort to migrate the functions from the extension to IA.

Maybe I was confused by the notice at the top of the unit about the Scout Manager Extension.

Is this the same or different than Feature Assistant?

@BryceWilliams - scout Manager is a unit management app https://www.scoutmanager.com/

Thanks @Stephen_Hornak … that explains it. My mistake.

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Scout Manager extension is a different product. And it causes serious issues, the BSA doesn’t support it.


By the way the feature you are interested in will be in Internet Advancement. I don’t have an implementation date for it yet, but it will be there.

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