Quick Entry, Scout Leadership

I believe that “quick entry->scout leadership” is part of the Feature Assistant. Is something broken with this functionality? I have been trying to use it this morning and all I see is the “loading…” spinner for a long time. I tried it three different times and it does the same thing every time. My feature assistant says it is running V0.47.0.5.

This has been noted - the Developer is on vacation and will deal with it when he returns


Hello again Donavan, wondering if you can help me again with a now adult leader.
BSA # 123103096 was a Scout but aged out and is now an Ast Scout Master. Scoutbook has him as both. If I try to end his membership as and adult I loose him completely
I did this with another Scout BSA# 127031600 and cant find him again

Any help would be appreciated. Also they are on our councils rooster as Adult leaders

@ConstanceGonsalves #1 is fixed - the #2 is syncing and should repair itself over the next 24 hours

Thank you so much!!!

Thank you, Connie

The second one is now also on our rooster but has a yellow marker triangle saying not a registered leader. Will that correct itself ? I checked as a key 3 that he is on the rooster with council.

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