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It would be nice to have a quick entry option for Initial Unit Leader Signature, especially when Scouts are signing up for numerous badges during Summer camp.


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Have you tried the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook? It is an option under:

Quick Entry → Start Merit Badges

Unfortunately this doesn’t work if the Scouts have already loaded the MB’s.

Maybe a Needs initial signature in the Troop reports?

@JenniferOlinger Maybe a Needs Initial Signature in the Troops report?


The author of the Feature Assistant Extension reports you can use the Quick Entry Start MB function to add the initial unit leader signature even if the MB has already been started.

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I’ve tried several times and it doesn’t work

@CD32 - ok then what does not work… your front door, the car keys…

See my reply to Jennifer Ollinger above.

@GaryFeutz can you advise please?

If the badge is already approved, it will be skipped. If not, and the date is empty, it should fill it out.


I think what he is asking for is what you actually see. You go and do it and…. …and what happens. In detail. Nothing? How nothing?

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@Matt.Johnson - thank you. the drawback of these forums is that you enter at a current post without the benefit of the prior interactions. I think as a part of conversational threads is that the person who is leading the post should at the very least provide some context or a link back to the original question or issue. But in today’s world many fail to realize that. I entered this with a I tried it did not work… with that being as useless as tits on a bull

@GaryFeutz The badges have not been approved. I have gone through the Quick entry Start Merit Badge steps of selecting the Scout, adding the merit badges and then save. When I check the Scouts Advancement tab the merit badges do not show the initial leader signature as being signed. I am the Advancement chair and I am a Full Admin.

@Matt.Johnson I knew what he was asking, I opted not to respond in a similar smart @$$ way.

I just tried the Extension > Start Merit badge > add signature to already started MBs and it added the signature no problem as long as the MB was not done (as you cannot even select those MBs

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@DonovanMcNeil I don’t see an add signature option.

Are you using the circled option?

It has an Intitial Unit Leader Signature Date field.

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There’s a way to initial multiple open mbs at once, going through the Print Blue Card option. It allows you to pick a specific Scout/all Scouts and a specific mb/all mbs.


I am thinking this should be moved to the extension thread as there are options that seem relevant to the OP content

@MelissaVallet Thank you, this works so much better.