MBC can’t be found when adding counselor to blue card

We have a merit badge counselor for Reading. I successfully added her to 2 or 3 Scouts’ blue cards — I can go back to their records and see her name as their Reading MBC. I can even go to my home page in Scoutbook, search for merit badge counselors with her name, and find her as a Reading MBC. But recently when I start a Scout on the reading merit badge, and I click “Invite Counselor” and search for her (after clicking Include MBC only) no combination of her name, email, or BSA ID # lets me find her. I get “no record found that satisfies the search criteria”

Any ideas? Thanks.

This is a known bug:

Thanks; that thread didn’t come up as a suggested one when I typed my message title. I appreciate your pointing out that’s an active known bug. Hope it’s fixed soon.

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@ChristopherVargas can you give me the member ID of the MBC?
As an alternative the MBC can connect to the Scout if you give them the last name and member ID of the Scout (you will get an email when they do) Their instructions are here:

Thanks for offering to help. If you mean BSA ID # it is 130478671

It looks like she is caught up in the issue.
She should be able to follow the instructions I posted and connect to the Scout.

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