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MBC Upload from a Spreadsheet

I would like to be able to upload MBC to Scoutbook without downloading the list from ScoutNet since my Council does not maintain the MB counselors are approved for in ScoutNet. We do have them in spreadsheet form. Is this possible? Is there a template for this upload? Thanks.

Carol, It is possible to upload a list that is not from ScoutNet. You just have to put the data into the format that ScoutBook wants. The online documentation tells you the format. I have my own Access DataBase that we use to track the MBC in our Council. I use it to generate Emails to counselors at renewal time, and I added code to build the properly formatted input to ScoutBook. There have been some teething problems, but at present it is mostly working. Unforunately, It is not in a form that allows me to share it as it is custom code that I am not in a position to support for other users.

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I have to say, you are awesome. It is neat when people develop custom tools like that to get the job done! But, like you said, a database, or script, or what ever is fine for one’s own use. You understand the warts and can look past them or fix it when it breaks, or know you have to tweak this and that. To share with a larger group? Maybe 2 orders of magnitude of work given that you have to support people of all skill levels.

Thank you for the info. I’m trying to learn in order to give units more options.

If you’ll send me your email, I will send you selected records the file I create with a mySQL database and a couple of programs. You really need to see what the Excel CSV file looks like. In particular, any badge with a comma in its name needs special CSV escape characters so that the commas aren’t treated as field delimiters. The badge “Signs, Signals and Codes” is an example. Per CSV specifications, of which there are many, to escape the imbedded commas you would use ““Signs,Signals and Codes””. Bob rcp@thepavers.net

Bob, I have not had trouble needing to escape the comas in the Signs, Signals and Codes meritbadge in the uploaded Badges list. It seems that the ScoutBook upload is prepared to handle the extra coma.

Thanks, @GregoryBuchanan. I ran another test and it worked. I’ve worked with CSV data for a long time. Actually have an arsenal of software that facilitates the management of CSV data. I get a little picky sometimes. :slightly_smiling_face:

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