MBCounselor Alphabetic MBs

It would be very helpful in the xxx_download_-date-.csv file to have the concatenated MBs in alphabetic order.

Random order isn’t a problem when a counselor has only 5-6, but when there are 10 or more, it’s hard to make sure each one is there when making adds/deletes.

This is a very simple SQL “ORDER BY” addition (similar in other languages).
It appears MB names are currently presented in the order they were first submitted. I’ve tried resubmitting a record with the MBs stated in alpha order and the update program just checks that the MBs are there, but doesn’t re-order them.
Pete T.

@PeterTownsend Where exactly are you accessing this report?

I’m an administrator that adds/deletes MBs to counselors in my council.
Administration - Manage Approved Merit Badge Counselor List.
There are 2 files that can be downloaded. One is for uploading to make changes and has only 4 columns. The other one is the same file but with all information included.

Both files show a list of approved MBs for each counselor. The MBs are concatenated, separated by commas, in a single column. This concatenation should be displayed in alpha order. Currently it is just in random order, based i believe on the order submitted.

Peter if you login to http://my.scouting.org and go to your council’s Roster tool then Reports the MBC report there has the badges in Alpha order.

As always, thanks for the info. Yes, I was aware of that. But I have to work from the file I d/l from SB when I am doing MB adds/deletes.
Almost every language has a command similar to SQL’s “ORDER BY”. So I thought my suggestion would be a fairly simple add for your programmers.
This is obviously a “nice-to-have” not a showstopper.

I have submitted the request to the developers.
This functionality in SB will be replaced next year by a tool in IA so there is no guarantee it will be worked on but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

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I wait with baited breath ;-} for that tool. LOL
I remember sending in a wish list for that tool. If you need someone outside the SUAC to test it I’m available.

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yes, same team. They are busy with IA Calendar, then IA support for Requirements & Messaging, and then I think they are making time for MBC tools next year. No specific time frame though.

It looks like they fixed the sort in SB

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