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We’ve been comparing MBs vs MBCs in SB against what is in the national data (via my.scouting). We are doing this by dumpiing the csv reports from each system. We have a routine that breaks the concatenated MB names that are in each report into separate entries.
One problem is that the MBs listed for each MBC are in the order they were entered into the system. This makes the comparisons more difficult. Is there a way to have the MBs alphabetized in the dumps?
Pete Townsend, Chippewa Dist Adv. MCC

The MBs assigned to MBCs in SB and my.scouting should be identical. Both the my.scouting.org report and the SB report are looking at the same database to obtain the assignments. If you see a disconnect, PM me.

Bill, thanks.
I’m putting together an email direct to you with some examples we’ve found. Family in from out of town so may be a few days.

They “should” be identical, assuming your Council/District MB upload was done correctly and in a timely fashion. However, YMMV.

Let me clarify how the system works now. There were some changes made a few weeks ago:

My.scouting reports read the MBC assignments from SB.
When a Registrar adds a MBC the registration shows up in my.scouting and SB within 24 hours.
After that, the Registrar may assign merit badges to the MBC using Registrar tools. When they do, they are writing the assignments directly into SB’s DB. So the assignments show up in SB and my.scouting immediately.
If a council admin uploads the assignments in SB. The assignments will show up in SB, Registrar Tools and my.scouting immediately

Memberships reside in my.scouting’s db (aka Akela) and advancements and MBC assignments reside in SB’s DB. The goal is to have all the tools read and write to the proper DBs and eliminate the syncs. We are not totally there, but we are progressing towards that goal.

Thanks for the additional clarification. If i read the last paragraph correctly we will eventually not see MB’s assigned to MBC’s in Akela’s data. That data will only reside in SB. Whether the two systems will then still each contain a reporting routine for MB’s is yet to be seen, but the routines should at least report the same data.

This is occurring now. MB assignment data is currently residing in SB. Currently, all tools you use, whether in my.scouting or SB look at the SB DB for the assignments.

Please close the topic. I just re-ran the scan and both reports for my district are identical. With the very insignificant exception that SB’s dump appears to have MBs in order of entry, while the one from my.scouting is alphabetized. NoBigDeal. Sorry for takiing up bandwidth, but as a db tech. glad to have the straight scoop.

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