Member ID Manager ERROR

I have a volunteer that gets an ERROR message every time he tries to click the Member ID Manager under Legacy web tools in his my.scouting account.

Any idea what the fix is?

@MichelleRoberts - I was able to get to the page without issue in a direct session to

First guess is the Internet Explorer which is a pretty unstable browser

Yeah there is the issues with IE. I was able to access it via chrome

This instance has been identify as Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) related problem. However there are other possible causes and solutions if switching browsers does not work.

Try logging in directly to my.scouting tools instead of via Scoutbook. (You may need to clear your system cache first.)

Some SharePoint features only work with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

I do not know which version of SharePoint BSA is using.

Are you using a SharePoint supported browser? The following planned support document is germane (applies to SharePoint 2013, 2016, 2019, Online SharePoint):

This error message may be a server error and something that needs to fixed at the server end per the

However, the following written in 2010 for users of older Windows operating systems suggests the problem may be a corrupted cache, operating system problem, or a third-party software caused problem.

I would try clearing your system cache and restarting your computing device.

I’ve also seen this error with Safari going directly there from

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2019-07-31: It may or may not be related but this error occurred today when I tried to save a My Opt-In/Manage Member ID change (accessed via my.Scouting legacy web tools Manage Member ID) after my login had timed out. I was using Microsoft Edge browser on a Windows 10 Pro system.

BSA Member Care apparently had to reset my my.Scouting Tools account and/or password, since they sent me a “your password has been reset” message.

I was able to get into the manage member ID tool on the old myscouting server via my.Scouting Tools using Google Chrome in Incognito mode, change My Opt-In, and save the changes. Previously I could not do that.