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Any idea why a password reset would be required?

So, I reported a problem with accessing the Legacy Tools at my.scouting (JIRA HD-156961). The report was:

To Whom It May Concern:

When attempting to reach the Manage Member ID page under Legacy Tools from, I received the following error:

Originating page:


which had the URL of:

Can you please advise if there is a different way to reach the Manage Member ID functionality now? I need to associate a new BSA ID with my account.

For my trouble, I got a password reset by support and a message that my member ID had been updated (notice that I didn’t provide the new BSA ID in my bug report). In fairness, I now have access to the Manage Member ID functionality, but does anybody know why that would require a password reset? I just had to go through and reset my password to something secure (vs the dictionary word that was used as my “new” password in the reset), and I’m wondering what they updated as my member ID. :worried:


So, apparently the answer is:

I apologize sir, I rebuilt your account and had to verify it was working correctly. If you wish to change it back the steps are:

I’m not sure why rebuilding the account would be necessary to remedy what looks to an outsider like a link malfunction, but there we are. I suppose that’s why I’m a structural engineer, not a SysAdmin.

Rebuilding ensures there is no junk (corrupted data) from prior problems. It is also faster and cheaper than trying to isolate and fix one or more individual problems.

This year I had to have my my.Scouting tools account rebuilt by national Member order to reset my functional my.Scouting roles, instead of just resetting them which was done the previous year. The council was saying my account was OK, but it was not working correctly.

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