Membership ID Lookup broken at

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Laptop, MSI

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Windows 11

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Cleared cached for, tried several times, same problem on all 3 browsers

5) Member ID & Council of person affected
Thank you!)

Trying to register my scout in another troop (prior registration has expired). Selected “Youth”
Clicked “?” button next to “Youth Member ID”, “Recover Member ID” window opened
Entered child’s information and selected “Search” button
Notification with red circle “x” says “An unexpected error has occurred” - no results shown

Try going to and signing in - then go to My Applications to see if you see scout there

I see myself and my cub scout son. I am trying to register my 17 year old son with the Troop but I need his Member ID - he was registered in scouts for years prior to 2020 and is finishing up his Eagle now.

@DavidBerky - AB, SB, BB?

@DavidBerky SB 127768218 - they could earn eagle in their Venture Crew - does not have to be in a troop

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Got SB registered, thank you!

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