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Member ID changed. Merge accounts?

Even though both my.Scouting and Scoutbook have worked fine for me in the past for years, I ran into a strange situation in my.scouting.org that is now affecting my scoutbook.com account. After working fine for years, I somehow ended up with two member IDs, and suddenly could not see my units in my.Scouting–Scoutbook worked fine at this time. I contacted BSA National Member Care, and the representative made a change to my member id which enabled my.Scouting to work as expected, but now has caused scoutbook.com to become “unlinked” according to rep. The impact is I don’t see my units or the Scouts in my family on Scoutbook.

I opened a JIRA ticket (HD-342123) on this issue on Aug 14th but unfortunately haven’t received a response. I’m the pack admin in Scoutbook and the committee chair, so not having access to Scoutbook has become a critical issue. I have checked my member ID in Scoutbook, and it matches what’s in my.Scouting. I’ve also tried “Switch SSO Profile” with no change.

Can someone please assist me with this issue?

Best regards,
Mike Hays


I sent you a direct message. See your avatar in the upper right corner.

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