Merge individual cub accounts

In Scoutbook a Cub has two accounts. 1 has six months of advancement and awards in it, no bsa#. The 2nd account has no advancement but a bsa#. How can I merge them?

You need to send an e-mail to Ask them to move the BSA Member ID (BSA#) and remove the account with no advancement.

Provide the Scout’s name, BSA Member ID, your unit number and council.

How long does this take in your experience? We’re on a couple weeks and haven’t heard any reply even after sending a few follow-ups. I’m wondering if I did something wrong. I even created a Jira account, but it looks like general users don’t have access to see anything within.

The email notifications were broken and only kicked in again today. I’m not sure if all missed emails will go out eventually.

Did you use If you use the same email address that submitted the ticket, you should be able to see all open tickets by default with an option to select all requests.

The login at says that if you don’t have an account, you’re supposed to contact the admins to request one.

Clicking that button gets the following message:

Not sure how one is meant to create a Jira account. I’m guessing that you could do it from

but that’s not entirely transparent to me.

They have been backed up. A couple I put in on the 11th cleared today.

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Hi Jacob, yes I think the problem is that we recently swapped scoutbook administrators. We hadn’t heard back on his issue after a few weeks (SSD-77334) so I created a new one under my account (SSD-80616).

Try this

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I had a ticket that I submitted this morning completed already. It was also a simple merge.

The submitter of SSD-77334 is Gregory, correct? It turns out member care was waiting for confirmation that you want the merge, since a merge does not merge advancement. If you only have Advancement in one account, it should be an easy decision to keep that one.

Thanks for the response. Yes the submitter was indeed Greg Simpson. Regarding the scout, there unfortunately is advancement on both accounts. I’m curious if the most simple update is for me to pick an account and then just manually update the advancement within? (I’m new to scoutbook so just brainstorming)

Do both accounts have valid bsa member numbers in them? Was the scout accidentally issued a second number when they transferred units within the same council?

Yes they have the exact same BSA member number on each. I think that’s exactly the problem (accidentally issued second number) when they transferred units. Military family, so they’ve been all over. Looks like he was assigned a new account with the same member ID when he switched to the Gulf Coast council (they didn’t reuse the account he had at the tukabatchee council)

Well, I didn’t expect that answer. Is the bsa member number that is in both accounts the one that he is registered with in your unit?

Yes indeed. Both accounts are actually registered in pack 1504 surprisingly.


To be clear, we are talking about the following: from the scouts page, click edit profile, scroll down to bsa member number. Correct?

And neither account has the full Advancement history?

Do they both have a green shield and A with an arrow around it by them on the roster?

yes he has both the icons you described and the same member number when you click edit and scroll down. Each account has this


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On the Scout’s Membership page, does the Scout have 2 memberships in the Current Membership section? A pack and a den membership, perhaps?

If you confirm that both accounts have only one current member per @JenniferOlinger, please try this:

Go to the page of the account that has the older advancements. Click the scout’s membership. Click the current membership. Uncheck the position approved box and click update. Then wait a couple days to see if all the old Advancement comes into the newer account.

My hope is that after a couple days all the completed advancement in the older account will sync into the newer one.

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