Request Assistance Merging/Correcting Scoutbook Accounts for Parent/Committee Member


We have a parent with a Scoutbook account, USERID 9876394, no BSA ID associated with that account…

She is also a Committee Member (verified on roster in my.scouting) with BSA ID 132407701. Account USERID for that record in Scoutbook is 9913920. There is no email address associated with that account.

She reports she cannot log into Scoutbook at all now, and password reset protocols are not working for her. I suspect she had created and used a separate account that was recently purged.

Could you please merge the two accounts? The email address for the parent profile is the correct address.

Please let me know if you need more info.

Scouter Rob

let me take a look at this

@ScouterRob she has logged into the second account just 20 days ago

I would suggest using the BOT at to reset the password. user name crick2337

Is that for the parent profile, or the committee member profile??

better said her using the Bot - I will merge the SB accounts

that is CM - but they are being merged anyway

OK, thanks…how long after the merge should I ask her to re-attempt BOT PW reset?

it can be done now - everything is in place - as long as her yahoo email is still good

I see the changes now…will have her attempt reset.

Stand by for results…


This Committee Member tracks and records all of our AHMR data for the unit. As such we had assigned her rights to be able to update all profiles and view RSVP reports to notify anyone of currency issues.

It appears that, when you merged the accounts, the admin role reverted to not approved. We have corrected this and all else appears functional.

Thanks for the support!!!

Scouter Rob

I am not sure if this is the correct forum so if it isn’t, please advice me where I need to go since this is my first time on this site. I logged into Scoutbook to record awards from last night’s den meeting to find out that I was removed from my roles (den admin, tiger den leader, Webelos den leader, committee member) on 4.12.21. I am able to see the message, “ended by SB-2882, clean up script that was run Apr 12 2021 11:20pm”. Since a few years back when my oldest crossed over into BSA, I was assigned another BSA number from the Troop. I requested that the numbers be merged but it never took place. Could this be causing the problem? All of my credentials with Cub Scouts were, from what it looks like, deleted or taken away. Anyways, here are my numbers if that helps the process get fixed: 130976460 & 136388496. Looking from 30,000 feet, it looks like everything needs to be merged into the 1309 number, not 1363. Please help. TIA - Ken Latz

@KennethLatz This should be fixed for you now. When you sign in to Scoutbook, make sure you sign in with your my.scouting username and password.

Thank you for the assistance. I guess I need to delete the end dates for all of my roles? I am unable to award my tiger den their awards they earned last night. When I click on their % advancements, it takes my back to the main menu. - Ken

@KennethLatz As Cubmaster and Pack Admin, that should be all you really need.

Are you using the Needs Awarding Report to mark items that have been awarded / presented to the Scouts?

You might need to re-set your Pack Admin role:

  1. Go to your Pack Roster page in Scoutbook
  2. Click on your name
  3. Click on your Pack Admin role.
  4. Make sure the position approved box is checked.
  5. Click Update.
  6. You might also need to log out / log back in to Scoutbook.

I am going to each Scout through the den roster to mark awards. I will click on the percentage bar to get to that menu but it’s not allowing me in. It goes back to my dashboard when I click that.

I did those steps but the problem still persists. The box was already checked as well. Thoughts on the next step? Thanks - Ken

@KennethLatz that :bug: was reported yesterday - we do not know when it will be fixed - for now use the Advancement Tab for each Scout or use Quick Entry

I am having similar issues two BSA numbers 13526833 and 13555921. I can no longer access my Den Cub Scouts to update their advancements. On top of that all of my training has disappeared except oddly YPT. Please advise. None of the other leadership within my Council (Heart of Virginia) and Pack (544) know what to do to correct this problem. We have to treat our volunteers better than this. Their time is valuable and this seems to be an ongoing problem.


David May

@DavidMay 13526833 is a Retired BSA #

13555921 is your Den Leader Registration - and trainings (YPT and Den Leader) - the log in is your gmail address - I can make it your user name if you want

I can merge the 2 SB accounts so there is just one.