A question about merging scout member IDs

I have 2 scouts that started scouting in my district as Cubs. Then they went to another district to begin their Troop experience. Now they have returned to my district.

What I now have are 2 scouts with advancement on both BSA member IDs.

Do I need to manually copy their advancement over so that their IDs can be merged into 1 record?

Or is it possible to merge the 2 records and have advancement from both combined into 1?

Thank you,

Just saw this thread:

I will reach out to @DonovanMcNeil via DM.

If you post their BSA member numbers (no names, please), we can take a look.

Thank you @JenniferOlinger . I wasn’t sure if it was easier to start a new thread or to just continue on with the other thread that I mentioned.

I went ahead and posted the first scout’s information here:

we can probably just close this topic and continue to conversation over there.

@DonovanMcNeil Hello, I have two adults with two separate ID’s as well.
137319361 is the primary. Can 110270752 be merged into the first?
the second adult: 136862193 is the primary. Can 110344152 be merged into the first?
Thank you - Brian Putman

@BrianPutman both are fixed - the second one has not logged in - they have a my.scouting.org username that will work


I also have a scout leader (BSA # 13576305) who has a different BSA # under his parent profile for his cub scout (BSA# 135655942). Can these be merged as well? Currently, he is able to log into Scoutbook but he only sees his son and not the den.


@JenniferEisenberger this is fixed - Scouter really needs to be using the my.scouting.org username/password

Thank you Donovan! Appreciate the help.

My son transferred from the Tidewater Council to the Far East Council last year. He was given a new BSA ID (137243953) but the old BSA ID (12577527) was still present and had his entire Cub Scouting advancement history. Now, both IDs are present, but neither one has his advancement history, meaning it appears on Scoutbook as though he’s not even a Bobcat.

Can the two IDs be merged and his advancement history recovered?

Also, why are Scouts given a new BSA ID when they move councils? Doesn’t this make it more difficult to track their advancement? This is especially frustrating for military families who move frequently and will be a part of several Packs during their Scouting careers.

I appreciate your assistance.

@BenjaminRobertson the SB users are merged - but there is a difference in Year for DOB - what year?

BSA IDs just work that way for now

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