Merge two users

I have a parent who joined ScoutBook and has since enrolled as a committee member and now has a second ScoutBook account. She would like to merge the two accounts and fix how on one account she has opted out of emails.

And her scouting membership ID is
SB User ID: 12404613
BSA Member ID:14203025

Thank you
Greg Caporale

@GregoryCaporale she needs to use click Google to log in

Thanks Donovan, so she is using Google to log in for the original “Parent” account? And the new one that was created during the roster import, will that one get linked to the original one?


@GregoryCaporale the 2 accounts were merged into one account

OK thank you, and will she be able to turn back on the emails that she ‘opted out’ of?

Yes she will be able to do that

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