Merge Parent Scoutbook Accounts

I have a parent who has Scoutbook user ID # 11783910 that was created by the unit. Unfortunately this is a duplicate account and their first name was spelled incorrectly.
The parent had created a new account via on their own and now cannot access both. I don’t have the ID # for this second account.

Please kindly merge the parent account. The parent is using the same email address as ID # 11783910.

Thank you.

@KatyWong well without the correct spelling or other info there is no way we could know what user to look for? you provided the same userID twice.

Sorry about not providing the details.
name removed associated to ID#11783910 is spelled incorrectly and should be “name removed”. I don’t have their second ID #, but if you need the email address, please let me know. Thank you.

I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

I have a parent who has an old Scoutbook BSA ID #13573484 which she had been using to track her son’s Boy Scout progress. Since the change to SSO, she can no longer access that account, but needs to continue to track her son’s progress, especially since he is finalizing his Eagle work. Her user ID for that account is [e-mail removed by Moderator for privacy] and that is also the email address on her profile.

She tried to apply online as a Cub Scout leader for our associated Pack and received ID #130687061. Her user name is [username removed by Moderator for privacy]. She can login to My.Scouting and has updated her email to her preferred address which is [e-mail removed by Moderator for privacy]. She cannot currently remember her PW, but it is saved in her Google account. When she logged into Scoutbook while concurrently logged into My.Scouting, the SB account was basically blank and her son’s info was not connected. Her YPT training is under this ID #130687061

How can we get the two accounts combined so that her YPT and son’s info will all be on the same account and login? Thank you for your help

Vivian Nichol, Committee Chair, Pack 7 Oquirrh District, Crossroads of the West Council

@VivianNichol I have merged her Scoutbook accounts. She needs to log in to Scoutbook with her my.scouting username and password – not her e-mail address.

Is her Gmail address the one that she wants at both my.scouting and Scoutbook?

Good evening, I’m looking for help merging a parent’s account.

BSA# 13978647 - currently used to track older son who is Boy Scout

BSA #137151350 - new BSA assigned to parent when his Cub Scouts were registered here
User ID # 2580024

Both BSA#s have spelling errors of parent’s last name but priority is giving parent access to update sons’ achievements.

Thank you for your help!

@SusanDuenas those are merged

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Thank you. And thanks for your prompt response. We appreciate your help.

Yes, please use the same email for SB

@VivianNichol I have updated her e-mail in Scoutbook to match her e-mail at my.scouting.

Hi there- I have an adult that was registered a second time with his new Tiger scout (Christopher) vs being linked to existing account where he was “Chris” (potentially as a result of the email address being entered incorrectly for the Christopher account so that one goes “no-where”; the Chris existing account was then added to the new Tiger to avoid missing den communications as we didn’t see the email error initially).

I am not sure if I just ask for just “deletion” of BSA #137126505; User ID 11640210 as the email is wrong on this one or ask that this one be merged with the initial account with the correct email address (BSA#13727238; user ID 11671912).

BSA Member ID 13727238 has already been deleted. I’ll fix the Scoutbook accounts.

Thank you. Please note the account you cited for deletion has the correct email address affiliated with it vs the other.

This is fixed. He needs to log in to Scoutbook using the Google Login button and his gmail address.

Both Scoutbook accounts had the same gmail address. The reason the system did not find the original account is that his nickname instead of his legal first name was used.

they do not have the same email and devil is in the detail here-

the christopher account has chris.iafollO@… which is incorrect.

It should be chris.iafollA@… which was on the “chris” account which is correct.

Took me 3 months to figure this out as kept just resending the invite until it hit me the O and A so I get it for sure!

Thanks for clarifying. I have changed the e-mail address. Note, after I merged the Scoutbook accounts, the member could have logged in to Scoutbook and updated the e-mail himself.

Thank you!

I didn’t know without a system invite, just using a wrong email address could allow you to sign all the way into the system. Would have had him correct it had I known this was a possibility. Apologies for that.

He would not have been able to log in until I fixed the BSA Member ID on his account to point to the “good” number instead of the deleted one.

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The assistant pack leader cannot grant me access to be the Unit Advancement manager. He says it shows that my account is pending (member ID:13289168). However, I have accounts on both Scoutbook and and I am able to login, make changes, and advance my son. The only difference I can tell is that when my Scoutbook and accounts were merged, 2 different email accounts were used. I cannot make them match because when I do, it tells me that the other email address is already in use.