Merged account missing info

I put in a request to someone at my council because it looked like I had two accounts that needed to be merged. They did something.

Now, I’ve got a couple of things going on:

  1. When I log into Scoutbook I see a warning “another user is using the same email address.”.
  2. I used to see my daughter and my son under “My Family”. Now I only see my daughter.
  3. In addition to my younger daughter’s troop and older daughter’s crew, I used to see my son’s troop. it’s gone now.

SB User ID: 9120566
BSA Member ID: 111325855

@MarkRomer that should all be fixed

Yes, it all appears to be there. Thank you!

Should it be safe to change my email address for my account?

That should be fine to do

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