Two user ID with same email

Good morning,

I had a Scoutbook account for my two boys from when they were on troop 1313 in Virginia (National Council area) when my daughter joined her new patrol in France troop 112G that has just been chartered it appears that a new account with my email has been made.
I don’t have any information about this new account only that is using my email, and my Surname is different from the one I use for the account I use daily.
For the new troop they used the second account for the rooster list but I’m still able to see it with my first account.
How can we merge the two accounts?
I can give you the information I have:
Account one (official one)
User ID 10289087
BSA 13414782
Under the name of

2nd account under the name but I don’t have any user Id or BSA account to give.

Thanks for your help.
Claire Avenel

@ClaireAvenel this is fixed in the most logical way

Thanks for helping me

I too am having this same issue. I have two accounts under the same email. Am only able to Access two of my scouts on one and Two of my scouts on another. I have three Scouts. On one account it is My older child and youngest and on another it is my middle child and youngest.

I am now able to access all three of my scouts. I can’t edit my middle name now on Scout Book. It is greyed out.

@MeganArlitz This should be fixed for you now.

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Thank you so much for fixing all of that for me. scoutbook has been a royal nightmare for me for almost a good solid year now. I also appreciate you fixing all of my scoutbook issues.

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Hello- when I log in to Scoutbook I am getting a warning that there is another user with the same email address. Could you help?

@BryanFencl I moved the email address from the account associated with your time as a scout. If you ever want to view that one, change which number is primary in manage member ID and log into scoutbook with your same username.

Thanks but I’m very confused now. Im 46 years old and was a scout last in 1994. How could I have a Scoutbook login from a time before the internet?

All the best,

Bryan Fencl

@BryanFencl Yes, that’s when it shows you earned your Eagle, and has your nesa registration on that member number. It’s definitely you. It looks like it was created in the last couple years as some data was being synched. There’s not much to see there.

Thank you Jacob. I really appreciate your help.


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