Merging of Accounts

I have managed to get two accounts in scoutbook and need to try and merge them. My primary User name to log in is (removed by Moderator) with the member number of 13380449 and the email tied to that account should be (e-mail removed by Moderator). I also have a second account assigned to (e-mail removed by Moderator) can we merge these or is there a way to just permanently delete one? When I try to recover the user name to the hotmail account is says its not found but I can see both accounts tied to my son in scoutbook.

@JohnJohnson13 I have merged your Scoutbook accounts.

It looks like the second e-mail used to be associated with your son’s login. However, it is not currently associated with any username.

Is there a way to delete that one completely? In scoutbook both are linked to my sons profile and I show up in the troop roster twice. Our Scout master has been having trouble getting my profile to allow me to be a merit badge counselor and he felt it might be trouble with both profiles being in the system.

Can you please merge the 2 duplicate parent accounts under SB ID: 2612910 / Member ID: 135417276.

If you need any other information, please let me know.

Can you please merge the Adult Leader with SB User ID: 13072145 / Member ID: 13830958 with the Parent Account that is listed under their Scout’s SB User ID: 9745815 / Member ID: 135925595

If you need any other information, please let me know.

@JohnJohnson13 this seems to already be fixed

@BrianTrimpey this user needs to use their email to log in

@BrianTrimpey this is fixed

THANK YOU for your help with these! I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

@JohnJohnson13 You need to work with your district / council on getting registered as a Merit Badge Counselor (MBC). After you are registered as a MBC, then the Scoutmaster will be able to connect you to Scouts for your approved merit badges.

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You all are awesome! I seem to have just the one account not and will get with my Scoutmaster to finish getting my MBC set up. Kind regards.

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MBC is not a unit position, it is a district or council position. Your Scoutmaster would not be the one to get it set up. You need to complete an adult application and MBC information form then turn it in to your council.


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