Merge Accounts Please

Hi there:
Can you please merge my two accounts

This is the old one 10651651

This is the preferred one: 136716779

Thank you in advance.

Laura Hoover

These numbers are on a single SB Account - one is Member ID the other is Scoutbook User ID. I did find another user with your correct email and I merged those

Oh boy: Thank you so much.

My son, Aidan Tansey, has two profiles in Scoutbook that need to be combined. Aidan is a Life Scout and is about 70% complete towards earning his Eagle rank. Our previous council erroneously created the new account and misspelled his name as “AIDEN,” and they never corrected the error despite multiple requests. This resulted in there being two accounts, one as “AIDAN” (BSA ID 14771080) and one as “AIDEN.” (BSA ID 136726160). However, the “AIDEN” account reflects the majority of the advancement that my son has completed. Our new council, the Aloha Council has registered Aidan under the “AIDAN” profile, but it is not updated with all of the rank advancement and other information that is in the “AIDEN” profile. Can you merge the two accounts into the preferred "AIDAN " profile (SB User ID: 9757752; BSA Member ID: 14771080)? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Colin Tansey

@ColinTansey so current council is Aloha?

Correct. We just moved here in June.

@ColinTansey ok should be all good now

Thanks. Could you also delete an old duplicate profile for my other son SB User ID: 2487483 BSA Member ID: 133589779.

@ColinTansey Do not post names - you put name and MID it is not good - all we need is BSA #

Sorry about that. I wasn’t aware. I really appreciate the help.

Im hoping someone can help clean up this parent/leader with multiple accounts. Our council has been having trouble getting them merged.


@RobertBrodner Based on what I can see, the adult has 2 BSA member numbers:

137432301 - Has her Lion Den Leader registration, but date of birth (DOB) is missing.
13926374 - Has her Tiger Adult Partner registration and her parent / child user relationships (at my.scouting).

Your council needs to pick one of the BSA member numbers and put her active registrations and parent / child relationships under that number. They should be able to do this with their Registrar tools.

They can also add the missing DOB with their Registrar tools.

Other than that, everything looks good. Her Scoutbook accounts have already been merged.

Can you please merge the following?

current: 131548667
Other: 13191680

Good morning. Could we get these two accounts merged:


Thank you!

@JamieHaller that is fixed

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@SeanLavigne that is fixed the login that is (lastname)(firstname)1 survived

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Thank you very much!

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