Merge duplicate linked parent?

I’m not sure whether this should be requested of local council via a support ticket or if it can be addressed here.

Our Unit’s Committee Chair (SB User ID:1441148 BSA Member ID:12364801) is connected to her Scout (SB User ID:1990382 BSA Member ID:134434818) with 2 accounts. The second account is not showing any associated user or member id’s. We would like to merge her 2 accounts.

@MatthewMcCormick that is fixed

Thank you @DonovanMcNeil

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Hi I have this same problem but I only know one of my ID numbers. SB user ID 9223368 and BSA Member 133935473. I moved across the country from Laural Highlands Council to East Texas Council and my Scoutmaster says I have a local account but I don’t know how to access. I also get a message in Scoutbook that my email has duplicate accounts. Please help.

The Email was on your Scouts Account - your login is the same - did you register as an adult leader?

Yes. I’m an adult leader. I don’t know why my login also shows up as my son. Maybe the same email was used?

@AidenMcLeod You did have 2 Scoutbook accounts. I have merged them.

You also have 2 usernames at my.scouting:

The part of your e-mail in front of the “@” symbol.

Which one do you want to keep? We can request that the other one be retired.

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