Merging parent and leader profiles

I have a den leader with a separate parent account. Can the parent account be merged into the leader account so she doesn’t loose her training progress?
Parent profile: BSA 137407501, UID 12057295
To be merged into
Leader profile: BSA 137407593, UID 12055161

@ArturoRomanillos We can merge them, but she is only registered as a Tiger Adult Partner (BSA 137407593), and Adult Partners are not considered adult leaders by the BSA.

Ok, that’s interesting because in scout book 137407593 she’s tiger den leader. In any case please merge.

@ArturoRomanillos For official registrations, you need to look at the unit roster at my.scouting. Someone probably added her as a Den Leader in Scoutbook, even though she is not yet registered as an adult leader.

Her Scoutbook accounts have been merged. She needs to log in with her my.scouting username and password – not her e-mail address.

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