Merging two accounts

For some reason, I have two Scoutbook accounts. They have different BSA #’s and User IDs, but they are both me and I can log into both. I started using Scoutbook 6 years ago as a den leader for my oldest son, then stopped when BSA took over the program and I had problems with permissions for my den and pack. How can I merge these accounts? Thanks!

If you post the BSA IDs, the folks from Scoutbook User Advisory Council may be able to help merge teh Scoutbook users. Your council likely would need to retire one of the BSA IDs, assuming there isn’t a background check associated with both. If there is, you should be able to add both BSA IDs to your account so that they both show up as you (as opposed to two different people). One problem that might exist is if the names are slightly different (e.g. one uses name and the other nickname) or if there is other conflicting information.

Ok, thanks. Here are the two accounts:

BSA #133417087
BSA #110255116

I have the login info to both and can access either with different permissions.

You have 2 user names at my.scouting. You should pick one to keep, and we can request that the other one be retired. I usually recommend that you keep the one that is not an e-mail address.

Which one do you want to keep as your user name? E-mail address? Or the other one?

I’d like to keep the non-email login (cjuecker username), which is the 133417087 BSA #. Thanks!!

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