Merit Badge Abbreviations within Roster Builder

Within the Roster Builder Report, you can create a list of Merit Badge Counselors and the Merit Badges that they counsel for, with abbreviations for each Merit Badge.

Is there a list of abbreviations that this report creates? Can someone within Scoutbook share the complete list of abbreviations?

I’m not aware of a complete list of abbreviations. Are there any that aren’t clear?

For example, off-hand, in the list you showed,

“Cit. in Comm.” is “Citizenship in the Community”, with the other “Cit. in…” being similar.
“Disabilities Awar.” is “Disabilities Awareness”

It’s clear to me from reading what they are, but we’re writing a program that references that report. Someone within BSA must have the list of abbreviations.

Someone does, I’m sure. Whether it’s available for publication or not is a different question. It might just be the developers.

What was abbreviated and where seems too arbitrary to have been done all at once, the way I would expect a “planned” set of abbreviations to be done. For example, more characters are saved by turning “Disabilities” into “Disab.” than “Awareness” into “Awar.”, and it’s less prone to be confused with the word “Award” (although in this context it should be reasonably clear “Award” would be wrong).

Yes, it’s not consistent and we need something to key off of.

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