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Merit Badge Report showing all badges and scouts

I remember running a report that would provide a thorough list of all the merit badges and requirement in rows and on the columns it would show the scout names, and if the scout had the badged in progress, approved, or awarded. This report was helpful because I could sort it in excel in a way to easily see if which badges multiple scouts were missing and tackle them.

Now I only see the report for Incomplete Merit Badges, which is not formated in the same way.

I tried to look at the report builder area, but I don’t seen any way to actually build a report from scratch.

Hoping someone can help steer me in the right direction.

Select report builder manager, click the hamburger (three horizontal lines) in the upper left, and choose new scouts bsa report. Then, remember to save it so you have it for next time.

Thank you! This helped, I was able to build the report I needed.

thanks again

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