Merit Badge Counselor email shared/tangled

I have an MBC who is registered with our Council. However, when she attempts to log into Scoutbook, her account is somehow “tangled” with her husband/husband’s email. When she logs in she is alerted that her email “is shared with someone else”. When I invite her to be an MBC in Scoutbook for our unit’s roster, upon logging in she is immediately diverted to her husband’s profile.

I confirmed she has her own BSA Number that is the number listed for her account in Scoutbook as well as

Any thoughts?


Every account requires a separate email address. Is she logging in to Scoutbook with the same credentials she uses at my.scouting, or with her own email, or with a shared email address?

I would start by having her log on to with whatever credentials she used when taking her YPT and other online training. She can look up her BSA ID and associated email address there. Make sure the email associated with her account at my.scouting is unique (i.e. doesn’t match her husband’s account). Change the email if necessary. Let 24 hours elapse if there’s a change made, then have her try to login to scoutbook again using the login credentials she uses at my.scouting.

Thanks as I indicated she does have a separate BSA number it has been confirmed in Her email is her own personal email and does not match the husbands.

When she logs in at Scoutbook, she’s using the same login credentials as at my.scouting?

Also, when you say inviting her to your unit as a MBC, are you adding her as an MBC connection for a scout, or are you adding her as a unit-level leader with an MBC role? If the latter, are you searching using her email address to catch an existing account, or creating a new account?

She is a parent of a scout in our unit. Council has registered her as a MBC. In Scoutbook, I am adding her to our unit roster (Troop → Troop Roster → Add Leader → Search For Existing User → Troop Position #1 → Merit Badge Counselor).

She then receives an email in her CORRECT email (" [WilliamsburgScouter] wants you to join Troop XXX on Scoutbook. He has already created an account for you.")

she clicks the Join Link and when she signs in is immediately given a popup message that her email his used by another acccount.

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