Two Scoutbook accounts under one email address

When I log in to Scoutbook, I receive a message that “another user is using the same email address.” I believe I have two Scoutbook accounts, because on one I log in and see my information (as committee member of our Troop, with Troop information, but not access my Scout’s information), but then I am sometimes able to log in under a different name and see my Scout’s information. Is there a way to merge the accounts or otherwise fix the issue so I can see my Scout’s information and update his information? Thank you.

@JenniferMorgan5 I am looking in to this for you.

@JenniferMorgan5 This should be fixed.

Please log in with your my.scouting username – not your e-mail address.

Thank you! It appears this is fixed now! I really appreciate your help.

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