Merit Badge Counselor Problem

We are migrating all advancements and activities to Scoutbook. While keying partials for any scout and attempting to assign Merit Badge Counselors, the system says that the counselor is not available. How do you create MBCs in your troop other than the Advancement Chair and how do you assign scouts to those counselors?

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Jimmy Poag

You don’t create counselors at the unit level. The council inputs them into the system, and unit admins can connect those counselors to the scouts (or the counselors can connect to the scouts, if they have the relevant information). Counselors must be approved by the council, as they are not unit-level positions, and as such are loaded into the system by the council.

There are a series of help wikis on merit badges in Scoutbook such as:

as well as a generic how-to for unit leaders:

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Thank you, Charley! I am grateful for your response.

And if the user is already connected to the scout the search will fail @JamesPoag - you can go to the Scouts Connections > Select the user > if they are a MBC there will be an MBC Box > check it and select the MB


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