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Merit Badge Counselor Seeing Leader Approved Check Box

A Merit Badge Counselor is seeing Leader Approved Check Box on Merit Badge Requirements.

Is this by design?

My understanding was that Merit Badge Counselors only have Requirement Approval permissions, after which the Leader Approves the requirement.

It depends on how the MBC is connected to the scout. I notice what looks like an ASM patch in the snapshot. Is the MBC also an ASM in the same unit? That could trigger the Leader Approved box. That said, if the permissions are only as shown (View Profile and Approve Cooking MB), I would not expect the Leader Approved checkbox to be served.

Yes she is also an ASM in our unit.

Exactly my thoughts on permissions. Which is why I included the connection picture. I didn’t expect the Leader Approved checkbox to be available. I also assumed that for any ASMs to be able to “Leader Approve” we would have to provide at least Edit Advancement Permissions.

I did go back and check her connection details and I see the following. She only had View Advancement Permissions.

Hrm. Maybe someone from SUAC could comment on what we’re missing (if anything) about the permissions, or if this is a bug.

In either case, I would say that training/policy is likely the best option here, since there will be some leaders who have Edit Advancement/Full Control permissions and serve as MBCs. If the intent is only to have a specific person (e.g. ASM assigned to serve a particular patrol) mark advancement Leader Approved, then making sure that everyone knows the policy, and ensuring that it’s regularly reinforced, will help set the practice in everyone’s mind.

Please don’t do it is our Policy for now to Merit badge Counselors. I have to check with others to see what ASMs see.

I meant that, at a unit level, one could create policy to specify who should be marking advancement Leader Approved in Scoutbook, rather than policy in the national/Scoutbook sense.

We will try to reproduce, however, if the Adult Leader check box is turned off, an MBC should not see the Leader Approved check box for that MB.

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I think that makes a lot of sense. I would upvote that enhancement request.

@AhmedZaidi do you have a minute for a screenshare so I can see a few things please for testing

Sure. Send me a zoom link.


I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

We were able to reproduce the error and will report it to the developers. An MBC should only see the Leader Approved check box if they are connected to the Scout with Edit Advancement or Full Control and are a leader in the Scout’s unit.


Thank you.


I am a MBC only and don’t see that block.

Seems like @edavignon was able to reproduce. We have a few MBCs who are seeing that.

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