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Somehow a MB shows as Counselor Approved by the Scout

Trying to figure out how this happened. I see this Merit Badge as Counselor approved by a scout

@AhmedZaidi this is EScience? Is there an MBC assigned? If so what are initials

Merit badge counselor is not assigned. Yes it is env science.


We have a similar problem. Only the Advancement Chair is showing as approved by. The Merit Badge Counselor is assigned.

Scout BSA is 131288274
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Any update on this problem?

Bumping this up again.

A Scoutbook admin should not approve MB requirements if there is a MBC assigned. Let the MBC approve MB requirements. After the badge is completed and approved by the MBC the unit admin can approve the badge for the unit.

I don’t think SB will show a MBC approval on a requirement if the unit admin approves it.

Walt is his MBC. He approved requirements on 11/9. The Advancement Chair, Corrine, added his blue card as a photo on 11/9. The screen shows Walt as his MBC and having counselor approved items on the 9th. The screen also shows under percent completed "Counselor approved by Corrine ***** on November 9. She is not the MBC.

Any Updates on this?

When Corrine added the photo did she click on advancement approved or anything?
My recommendation to fix this is for Corrine to go back in and remove her approval on the badge and ask the MBC to reapprove the badge. That should correct the issue for you

I will try to replicate in our test system and report to development.


I sent you a private message. Please click on your icon and then the envelope.

Bill Nelson, SUAC

She has no approvals showing on the badge other than what is showing under Percent Completed. I will contact the MBC and have him approve the badge as they Scout has completed it.

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