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In Scoutbook, our process is for our Unit Advancement Chair to check the box for “Awarded” on Merit Badges after running the Needs Purchasing Report to go to the Scout Store to purchase as part of COH ceremony. We have a Scout who completed two MBs this past month and the MB Counselor was able to check the box for “Awarded” even though under Scout’s Connections it clearly shows MB Counselor only having the permission to “Approve xx MB”. He is a Patrol Admin for a different Patrol than the Scout and his only other permission is “View Advancement” (not “Edit”) so in my mind he should not have been able to even see the “Awarded” checkbox. Its a large Troop, so we can’t have MB Counselors checking the Awarded box when they should only be checking “Approved”. Is this a bug or just allowed to all MB Counselors to take the final step of awarding?

@Michael_DeMarcay post the 2 BSA #s and we can look

Here you go. The only issue is that the Unit Advancement Chair fixed the two MBs before telling the rest of the Leaders about it, so currently it shows correctly without the Awarded checkbox. The MBs were Citizenship in the Nation and Citizenship in the Community.

MB Counselor 134053795
Scout 129141965

We cannot replicate this - we have a user setup exactly the same and SB is functioning correctly - unless connection levels changed

Did this user have Edit Advancement?

No, he does not have Edit Advancement permissions.

Just to add one more thought to this thread. In the Scout’s Connections section, I noticed on some of the other MB Counselors that they had the small FULL CONTROL green icon next to their names, which means they would see an “Awarded” checkbox. However, when I clicked on the MB Counselors name to see more details, the slider for FULL CONTROL was NOT toggled. To back out, I clicked the red UPDATE button and returned to the prior screen where it NO LONGER showed the FULL CONTROL green icon. Maybe Unit Advancements followed the same process I did and fixed the issue without knowing it. I will talk to the Leaders about how or who is giving FULL CONTROL to MB Counselors when setting up a new MB Counselor connection because I have not been directly involved in that process.

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