Merit Badge Counselors - Email mismatch between scoutbook and my.scouting

I have 21 merit badge counselors who have different emails in my.scouting vs scoutbook. One has NO email in scoutbook, but does have an email in my.scouting.

Some are considerably different. Other’s are pretty obviously “fat finger” errors. Who is manually entering this that could have mistaken an email like this?

How do we fix this? Which one should I believe when reaching out to complete merit badge counselor reregistration?

BSA member IDs of those with mismatches:


the mbcs can log in themself and fix if they desire - otherwise there is no way to know

If they log in and it appears correct in the internet advancement profile (but incorrect elsewhere), they can save it without changing it to push it to other systems.

Good to know, because that’s my next question. How did it get out of sync if the only way to change your email is via my.scouting and supposedly have it pushed / pulled into scoutbook.

Why doesn’t scoutbook just pull the correct email from my.scouting now?

syncs only happen with changes - would be to huge to look at everything all the time

Because that’s not the correct email for everyone. Before they were synched, lots of people had made changes to their scoutbook email without changing my.scouting. So, there’s no way to know which is right.

There’s no way to know what? Which one they want?

The only way to “fix” this in SB is to get redirected to my.scouting where the email is different / possibly correct.

So, seems to me that by definition (based on how SB works now), the one in my.scouting is correct. Right? Because that’s the only place they can change it. And whatever they change there will (supposedly) get pushed into SB, right?

So my.scouting is the “system of record” for the email address, right? Why isn’t SB respecting that today?!

you can change in SB too - though it is in internet advancement now - but it is the same place really

Not by what I see.

yeah you click the link to “Internet Advancement Profile Page”

Saving the same value isn’t a “change” so it won’t get pushed. Right?

Right, which is my.scouting, right?

And, one wonders, why the link from the previous page in SB didn’t just take you there, like the ‘profile’ link does.

Wrong - is my.scouting. Internet Advancement is 2 Totally separate systems.

The email opt out slider is still available in scoutbook in the screenshot you posted above.

Great, so we have 3 now? my.scouting, scoutbook, internet advancement

Ah, ok. That makes some sense.

I sent emails out to all of the merit badge counselors with mismatched emails. Here’s one of the responses I received.

When I follow the link, I get a message saying “NO Internet Advancement ACCESS”. My email on My Scouting is correct. When I try to change it on scoutbook, it says please go to Internet Advancement Profile Page.

This is from member ID 112820154

The link I sent them to was Internet Advancement (this is where scoutbook eventually points you after several unnecessary clicks).

So, I’ll politely ask again, how do we get these mismatched emails fixed? And, why are we expecting individual volunteers to fix something we messed up?

@JamesBrown13 A change to the e-mail at my.scouting should sync over to Internet Advancement.

However, if it does not sync over for some reason, people with access to the Volunteer Support Tools (VST) in your council should be able to sync the e-mail.

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So, out of morbid curiosity, why does SB redirect people to a place where they don’t have access (internet advancement) when it could send them to somewhere where they, presumably, do have access (my.scouting)?

Doesn’t everyone on SB by definition have a my.scouting account?

More importantly, why do we have 187,000 +/- different “systems of record” for the same info? Why can’t we have one single canonical source of truth for each piece of information?

I’m not trying to be cruel, mean or adversarial. I’m trying to make the system work for our volunteers. They are giving us (Scouting) their time and energy. It seems the least we could do in return is make our administrivia as easy and simple as possible for them. Instead we have systems and policies in place that make them correct our mistakes and failures for us. Seems backwards to me.

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@JamesBrown13 they have total access to their own profile in IA. That is where the profile has moved and it syncs with the my.scouting profile there. Sometimes you get a warning saying you do not but all you have to do is Refresh or SHIFT + Refresh