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Incorrect sender email address

I’m not sure if this is internal to Scoutbook or not, but I don’t see a better place to post it.

In my spam folder today, I found an email from the Yahoo System Administrator saying that a message that I sent could not be delivered due to policy reasons. The actual sender of the email was via, but the message listed my email address as the sender instead. The Yahoo system didn’t like seeing a message sent from me to me when it knew the message originated outside its system, so the original email was never delivered, and the sender never saw a failed delivery message because the sending address was incorrect and the return path was null.

The original subject line was: Your Merit Badge Counselor Status on The message included my name and the correct list of merit badges for which I’m registered, so I’m confident it was legitimate. I’m not sure if it was a periodic automated message or manually generated by my council, but either way it should not be spoofing my email address as the sending address. I’m guessing potentially thousands of other MBCs never received their email, either, for this same reason.

Let me know if you want me to send you the raw message with full headers.

Sounds like your council updated the MBC list (I have advised my Council to NEVER upload list). So I cannot confirm never having seen the letter

Yes that has the markings of an MBC upload/true up in advance of recharter season. As I recall netbsa is a part of the scoutnet suite.

Out of curiosity why did you advise your Council to NEVER upload a list?

@LoriMaguire because I did not have faith in Districts or Council updating it regularly

One other problem that I’ve seen is the way that Scoutbook seems to execute the update. All of the MBCs in my unit (and probably in others) who were correctly entered for our MBs had our positions ended when council uploaded their list, even though the council confirmed that (at least for the folks in our unit I asked about) we were all currently registered with council as MBCs. It still hasn’t been fixed (i.e. we’re still not listed as MBCs in Scoutbook), and I can’t figure out if that’s because council isn’t sure what to do, or if they repeated the process and it still didn’t fix things.

I do the upload for our Council once a month or more frequently if we have a surge of MBC apps and have never had an issue. I can log into Scoutbook and check them, just can’t see anything else in SB to help with the countless questions I get.
That’s why this site is a lifesaver!!!

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We’ve wandered far off topic at this point, although it’s probably worth retaining this under its own thread (maybe still in Scoutbook Bugs). Do y’all want to relocate our discussion, starting with @LoriMaguire’s question and maybe also including @DonovanMcNeil’s first response to give it context?

Back off-ish topic…

Weird. We had ~ 18 people in our unit who are registered MBCs that I had entered into Scoutbook with MBC positions before our council did an upload so they could take advantage of the Feature Assistant Extension tools for MBCs. I verified their registration with council before I added the positions and checked every 6 months or so for any changes. All of them had their positions ended when council first uploaded the MBC list. I submitted a problem report both to Scoutbook (I’d have to track down the SSD, or submit a new one) and to my council. Council routed it back to my DE, who had no idea what to do with it, and what I got back from Scoutbook was that this was a known issue. There wasn’t any recommendation about how to remedy the situation. We’re all still “missing” as MBCs.

Our council has used Scoutbook for MBCs for at least six months, and so far I have not seen any issues with it. I don’t know if any were entered manually before they did their initial upload, or their status if so.

My issue is that they were able to send an email through Scoutbook either without providing a valid return address, or the address they provided being overwritten. Either way, that seems like a bug to me. I can bring this up to my council (I’ve got our SB coordinator’s name somewhere), but it would be nice if the process were coded in such as way as to make this situation impossible.

@AaronWyckoff I’ve alerted the developers.

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