Merit Badge Counselor linked to wrong BSA MemberID

One of our Merit Badge Counselors had multiple ScoutBook and ScoutNet records that resulted in ScoutBook reporting “” errors. In trying to clear these, I may have inadvertantly merged his My.Scouting and Scoutbook accounts to a BSA MID outside of our council.

For whatever reason, his ScoutBook account is now linked to the wrong BSA MemberID and I cannot find him in My.Scouting using any of the search options. The “User in Scoutbook” screen show him linked to My.Scouting Account ID: 11000628, but when I click on that number, it returns “User not found”. Could that account be associated to a different Council?

At any rate, here is my problem:

His ScoutBook ID: 9988342 is linked to the wrong BSA Member ID.
It is currently linked to BSA MID: 136228338
It should be linked to BSA MID: 136335496 - which contains his MBC and other registrations.
His ScoutBook ID is also linked to My.Scouting Acct ID: 11000628
That My Scouting Account ID returns “User Not Found” when I click on it.
His My.Scouting Account cannot be found using any search term.
The My.Scouting Account ID, linked to by ScoutBook, does not exist, at least in our Council.

I have tried various editing tricks on his ScoutNet record to try to make ScoutNet to push his 136335496 registration to ScoutBook, but without success.

Any help/advice on how to solve this would be appreciated.


8338 is in a different Council - User needs to go into and change the Primary MID in Manage Member ID most likely

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t think that will cause ScoutNet to push his current BSA MID over to ScoutBook. I will ask him to see if he can do the Manage Member ID to add our council to his My.Scouting account.


well what it is that decides which SB account he gets logged into

oh I see there is an old deleted SB account give me a minute to clean it up

I may have deleted that accoun accidently when I was trying to merge his account to get rid of the ChangeyourEmail error.

OK I think it is fixed now

OK, thanks. Do I need to wait for a ScoutNet → ScoutBook push to see his MBC registration on his ScoutBook account?

I see it now in my view - you might need to log out

I a just logging in to Member Services to check.

Yes! I see his BSA MID for his MBC registration in his ScoutBook account now.

Thanks for cleaning up after me.

Donovan, Thanks for your help.

Unfortunately, between my upload at 8:30am and my upload at 11:30, ScoutBook UID 9775246 had her Merit Badge Counselor registration disappear from ScoutBook. She uploaded successfully at 8:30am, but reports BSA MemberID does not have an active MBC position. To my knowledge, we didn’t change her membership in the interval???
Her ScoutNet record BSA MID 13772523 shows her MBC registration expires on 12/31/2021.
It also shows her YPT was completed on 3/7/2021. She has CBC Authorization on 3/19/2021.
So I don’t know what caused ScoutBook to drop her MBC registration between 8:30 and 11:30 am this morning?

she had 2 UserIDs with same MID - I merged the users

Thanks. Any idea what triggered the problem to happen between 8:30 and 11:30am this morning?

I am kicking off another upload to see if I get a clean update.

Appreciate your help.

the MBC was intact - so I am not sure what you are seeing

I can say this - the councils having issues with MBCs seem to be using the upload instead of the automatic system

When I uploaded to ScoutBook as 8:30am, there were no changes to her record, and scoutbook accepted the upload for her. When I uploaded at 11:30am to fix the previous problem, the initial problem was fixed, but ScoutBook then reported that she was now not registered as an MBC. I don’t know what changed at ScoutBook during that 2 hours. I looked up her ScoutBook record in Member Care, and at that time it did NOT include her MBC registration. Go Figure? I just looked again, and it is back again. So I started another upload.

As to your observation about mostly the councils using the upload having problems. I wonder if the other councils are also having problems, but since there is no immediate feedback about update errors, no one notices?

And I just got a clean upload report and committed it.

Thanks again for your help.