Incorrect Detail on Merit Badge Counselor List

Hello. I just got approved as a Merit Badge counselor, but in that directory listing, my email address is listed incorrectly with a typo in my name. It does not match the email in my profile (which is correct), and I haven’t found the incorrect email address anywhere else. How do I fix it in the MB directory?

I thought that information pulled directly from the same membership database as everything else, but it’s possible that the registrar created a second account for you for the MBC registration.

When you look on your profile at my.scouting, does your MBC position show up there? If it’s missing, that might be a hint that they created a second account.

@ZachWhalen Talk to council they gave you another MID - 135838933 - that MID DOES have the relationships for your Scouts as a parent, but they need to clean it all up for you

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