Merit Badge (MB) Counselor from another council

Does Scoutbook have the capability to allow a unit leader to invite a MB counselor from another council? When I search, I see a drop down with my council name, but it is grayed out. Just wondering if this is something I can ask my council to turn on or if MB counselors are limited to your own council right now.

As long as the MBC has set listing preference to Worldwide, they will appear in the MB Counselor Search in Councils where they are not registered. If you know the name or e-mail address of the MBC, you can add the connection independent of their listing preference, by going to the Scout’s connection page and clicking +Add

The grayed out Council name is locked to your Council. The option is there for some individuals who are Council Admins in multiple Councils and thus need to be able to change which Council they are searching.


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