MBC List incomplete

I’m having a difficult time finding MBC’s using the search. Even my own record doesn’t show up, and there are others in the troop missing as well. Yet when I add a MB to a scout and search for counselor, the MBC shows up just fine. So the concern would be for scouts in other units searching for a MBC that qualified volunteers aren’t showing up. I’ve set availability to both, set distance to any, even checked include worldwide, and yet these counselors don’t seem to show up. Anyone have thoughts? I checked with the council registrar and everything is good on that end, YPT is current, etc. Thank you.

@MatthewWoodruff1 - couple of items, first is that the scouts can not search for MBC. Second, what would be one of the merit badges that you are listed for when you look at your account then your positions ?

@MatthewWoodruff1 Can you try temporarily changing your availability to worldwide? I will see if I can search for you.

@Stephen_Hornak - Correct on scouts can’t search. It’s me logged in doing the searching. You can try:

  • Canoeing
  • Cooking
  • Drafting
  • Hiking
  • Pers. Fitness
  • Railroading

@JenniferOlinger - when I set my profile to worldwide, and I then include worldwide in the search, I am showing up. I still don’t show up if worldwide isn’t checked on the search. So something with the council / district not working? The correct council and district do show up in my profile.

Thank you both.

@MatthewWoodruff1 - so using your name, the worldwide, over 50 mi, and both on availability you do show up. Could it be something when reduced to local, not sure.we can try in the other direction. I recall that I had drafting as one of mine but surveying for sure. Let me check my settings as I think I was at troop only.

Update - set for council. I am in Washington Crossing. Your neighbor to the south.

Have you checked it specifically with council availability?

@jacobfetzer - it was suggested to switch to worldwide, which I did and then I show up. I am on the council list as well, I just don’t show up when you search for me. Another volunteer in our unit has the same issue, which is where this all started. I’m not sure if it’s unrelated, but when you search for a MBC, what determines if the council strip image is displayed under their profile picture… seems some show up and others don’t. I do have multiple roles in various units / district / and council, not sure if that’s the issue. The other volunteer in our unit having this issue should just be an ASM in the unit as well as a MBC. Thank you.

@MatthewWoodruff1 forgive me for not reading full thread - but is this a search for a specific scout? are you already connected to the Scout, that might be why you do not show

@DonovanMcNeil - no, this is a MBC search from the main menu to find a MBC for a particular badge. I only show up as a counselor when I include “worldwide” and my setting is set for that. Normally, the setting was on “council only” and I don’t appear in searches. I have other volunteer MBC’s that don’t show up as well, the council registrar validated we’re both MBC’s and everything is in good order.

@DonovanMcNeil - the view for MB for @MatthewWoodruff1 when listed are blue check marked so they are council approved. I know when I search within Washington Crossing I get a list that pretty much matches the last time I received the abstract from scoutnet before they switch to SB listings.

@MatthewWoodruff1 - when not set to worldwide and running the search what do you have as the limiters? That would be distance, zip, home council and busy? I know you are still serious for worldwide at the moment as you came up on 4 pages for drafting mbc. Obviously it started at Washington Crossing then Minisi and outward. I used the worldwide check, then over 50 miles then both for status.

@Stephen_Hornak - Distance is any, zip is 18036, home council is Minsi Trails (it’s greyed out, I can’t change it), and busy I set for both. So really, it’s wide open on the search. When I run that (and not selecting worldwide), I don’t show up. The only time I show up is when world-wide is selected. And when I do run worldwide with the same parameters, I’m the first one listed (since I’m sorting by zip code). Thank you.

At the risk of asking what might turn out to be a dumb question, are your council, district and zip code correctly set in your My Profile on Scoutbook?

@CharleyHamilton - no dumb questions at all… this has me stumped, and I’m willing to try anything! Yes, they’re all correct. I even changed my zip in SB and reset it back to the original in the hopes something might trigger it to appear and to ensure there wasn’t a trailing space or something silly. Is it normal when searching the MBC list that council and district are greyed out for everyone? Just asking. Again, I have multiple roles, so I don’t know if that has something to do with it or not (although another volunteer in my same unit is just an MBC and ASM). I have unit roles (2 units), district role, MBC, and a council registration. Thanks for asking.

I dunno about everyone, but mine are. I think that the feature update post that announced the addition of “search by district/council” said that these would be locked to the user’s district/council.

Mine area as well. I assume this makes it so that someone who has agreed to only counsel in a particular district or council, they will only be found by those in that district or council.

The search is based on the district/council of the unit where the user clicks MB Counselor Search. They cannot be changed for normal users.

The selections are there for Council Admins to be able to search from different locations to validate the search. Since some individuals are Council Admins in multiple councils, the council selection was needed in addition to the district selection.

Are others in your council having this issue?

Is your home address in the same zip code as your CO?

I have somewhat the same issue… but all my merit badges disappeared, and are now back, but the notes, records, and partials that were connected with scouts are no longer there. Not sure if this is a National issue, or a local Council one. No changes to my profile or information, just notification via email that I had no merit badges - now I do - but all the pertinent information and associations with the scouts that were in progress are gone. I’ve sent an email to local Council asking for assistance. Suggestions?

@edavignon - Thank you for that explanation, makes sense.