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Can't Find MB Counselors

None of our units MB Counselor’s are showing as an option when I try to Lookup/Invite Counselor. We have 2 in unit counselor’s that are registered as district level counselors and neither is showing as in the MB Counselor List when I try to connect them.


There are several things that could be happening.

  1. The Counselor’s YPT has expired. Scoutbook will not show a Counselor with expired YPT. 24 to 48 hours after completing YPT, the Counselor will appear in the search results again.
  2. The Counselor is not currently registered.
  3. The Counselor has set his/her listing preference to Not Listed
  4. The Counselor has set his/her listing preference for unit(s) or districts(s) for which the searcher is not a member.

I suggest checking with the Counselor to have them check their listing preference by logging into Scoutbook with their my.scouting.org ID and password then going to My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Positions. Click on the MBC position. From here the listing preference can be viewed or updated.

If they do have an MBC position, try setting the Listing Preference to Council or Worldwide. If neither of these works, check the YPT date.

If the Counselor does not have MBC listed as a position, check with the Council to ensure they are still registered.

The MBC has everything checked on this list. YP is active, District level registration. They’re approved and showing correctly on ScoutNet at the council office. I’m the Scoutmaster and also an approved MB counselor and I don’t show as a possibility on the MB counselor list either.

what council are you in?

Prairielands Council, Champaign IL


When you go to My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Positions -> Merit Badge Counselor are there any Merit Badges listed? What is set for Listing Preference and Availability?

There are 10 badges listed, District List, Prairie Fire District, set to available

Is the unit you are searching for in Prairie Fire District? If it is, try setting your listing preference to Council and run the search again.

I’ve tried that. And yes, we are in the Prairie Fire District.

I will also note that up until this attempt, I and the other counselor have been available options in the MB Counselor List. We changed nothing in our settings, and now we aren’t.

We had this same problem with the new MBC that signed up. Here’s what worked for us and makes me think there’s a bug in the system somewhere:

  1. Make sure the MBC is seeing they are a MBC in scoutbook- when they sign in, it should show they are a MBC.
  2. Have them go into their account, then My Positions, then Merit Badge Councelor. WAAAY at the bottom is box to check, I agree to be a MBC. When that gets checked, then you should see them again. When you save it and go back to the position details, it shows the box not checked again. I don’t get that! But it solved the problem.
    It has to be a bug somehow- I talked to our council and there’s nothing on their end to check that box and the MBC’s don’t get notification that it needs to be checked either. It would be nice to get this fixed though

I don’t believe it is a bug this allows a new counselor to check their badges and visibility. The council can explain this in the scoutbook automated message that goes out to new counselors


It actually is a bug that we believe only affects councils that have not uploaded an MBC list. We believe this will not longer be an issue around Feb 1, 2021 when MBs must either be listed in ScoutNET or uploaded by a Council Admin to Scoutbook.

We had this issue also. When we updated our council list, we had some that showed merit badges that were expired on ScoutNet. Therefore, they would not show unless there were badges.

We also had MBC’s that showed on the list Scoutbook list (only Council Approved can access this) but did not show when we searched until they did the “I agree to be a Merit Badge Counselor” click.

I clicked that “I agree to be a Merit Badge Counselor” multiple times and for some reason it would not take. I submitted the issue to our Field Support Associate and she was able to get us re-loaded. That appears to have fixed the problem for the time being.

I was a Merit Badge Counselor ending May 2020. I have rechartered as a merit badge counselor in October. Council has received my counselor application info and gave indication to another troop member that “She’s all set”. All trainings and YPT are up to date. I cannot add merit badge counselor to my profile positions in Scoutbook - why?

@BrendaWinn - if your council happens to upload the counselor list then you personally can not add the role.

@BrendaWinn ,

All Merit Badge Counselors must be registered in Akela, the BSA person database. If you do not have MBC as one of your positions, either you are not properly registered or you have multiple Scoutbook accounts. I sent you a private message so we can collect information we need to locate your registration. Click on the green circle with white B in the upper right corner of your forum screen.

Expanding on what @Stephen_Hornak noted, if you look at your troop’s page from My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Units -> Troop ####, scroll to the bottom and it will say when your council last uploaded the MBC file to Scoutbook. You may just be pending the next update cycle.

Acutally, ALL registered Merit Badge Counselors are already listed in Scoutbook. Units and individuals can no longer add the position of MBC. New MBCs are added to Scoutbook the night after they are registered in ScoutNET and Akela.