Printing award certificates not possible

Scout shops are now selling new rank award and merit badge certificates:
see for example
new merit badge sheet of 8:
or new rank single card: vs the older

Unfortunately the poorly implemented certificate print feature in Scoutbook is just for merit badges (not for ranks as far as I could find), and formatted for a prior certificate sheet that the Scoutshops no longer produce. The form numbers are the same (eg 33414) but the layout on the 2007, 2014 editions scoutbook is setup for is different than the 2019 new edition… so this needs a fix.

But printing of a certificate in Scoutbook was poor to begin with – it is buried deep and hard to find (under the PO page?), and when used wastes a whole sheet to print just one certificate since there is no way to pick which card on an 8 card sheet you print to, etc.). It did merit badges but I couldn’t find a way to do the rank sheets in it

What is needed is a printable template without background imagery for each new certificate form being sold and that lets you pick which card to print on out of the 8 on a sheet so you don’t waste a whole sheet. The older certificate sheets on scoutshop had a link to a printable/fillable PDF form from their scoutshop pages which was a great start. These are missing for the new ones, and not covered in scoutbook.

Either Scoutbook should be fixed to allow printing of all the types of these or the scoutshop should have blank fillable templates (they have templates with backgrounds for the rank sheets but not the new merit badge sheet or new single cards)…


Updating Scoutbook to print on the new pocket certificates is in the backlog. At this time we do not know when it will be scheduled for development.

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This is the kind of thing that makes people’s lives easier and makes people either pro or con to Scoutbook. It’s a report, it shouldn’t be hard or take long to develop. The query is already created, it just needs a different layout for the output. Because some Scoutshops will have old stock for a while, we need the option to print to either design.


Agreed. Some of these “we aren’t updated yet” items show very poor communication between those that make changes and how they communicate them internally to the BSA.

Most companies have MOC (management of change) or Change Management System (CMS) to properly vet and rollout such changes.

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