Merit Badge Reports Not Updating

I entered merit badge requirements for our partial completions from summer camp this past weekend. The requirements all show up correctly when I visit a scout’s individual advancement page and select the merit badge. However, when I try to print blue cards or run the incomplete merit badge report, none of the requirements show as completed. The blue cards print no completed items in the center section, and the incomplete report shows that the merit badges have been started (they show up on the report) but all the requirements are listed as incomplete.

It seems that the reports are pulling from a separate data source than the individual pages. Is there something I need to do in order for these requirements to show up on the reports? They were all entered using the quick entry merit badge requirement page.

Are you entering them as a parent or a leader? If as a leader, did you mark them as leader approved (blue checkmark)? If as a merit badge counselor, did you mark them as merit badge counselor approved?

I entered them as a leader using the quick entry merit badge requirements page. This page does not have any checkboxes to mark individual items as approved. I have found that the items were not marked as approved and when I approve them, they now show up on the report. Thanks for the clue.

in QE on the troop page, if you are approving the entire badge, look under the date:

If you are approving individual requirements, there may be an issue that we need the programmers to look at. SB is suppose to be approving the requirements that you check off. Can you give me a scenario to test? The exact steps? Include number of Scouts as well.

I was doing individual requirements, and that is where I had the issue. I was doing one scout and one merit badge at a time and then checking multiple items for the badge. I did this for each scout and badge which was not fully completed at summer camp. They all had the same issue. I think the problem is that the checkbox for Approved/Recorded is not available when entering individual requirements on the QE page. I was able to get around this by going to the Items Needing Approval page and then approving things that way.

Which registration system does your camp use? If Black Pug/scoutingevent, the feature assistant extension has a mention to import all of that info for you.

I’m not 100% sure, but Black Pug sounds familiar. I’ve never used the feature assistant extension before. How does that work?

If your council has enabled this feature in the registration system, The person who completed the registration has access to download a csv that is then importing on scoutbook (essentially automating everything you’ve been doing).

For more info on the feature assistant see Feature Assistant - What is it?

Thanks. I just so happen to be the person who did our registration for summer camp, so I’ll check it out. It may save us lots of time in the future.

I will ask the programmers to check into this.

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