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Scoutbook: approved merit badges not displaying on "Needs Approval Report"

I have entered merit badges and all now show with a ‘blue checkmark’, yet none of them appear on the “Needs Approval Report”. Can you tell me how to fix?

A Blue check mark means they have been leader approved. Did you check the Leader Approved check box when you entered the completion dates?

Since these are already approved, they will not be on the Needs Approval report. You can get them there by clicking on the approval date for each one and clearing the Approved check box, but there is probably no need to do so.

Thanks for your reply. I was going by the ‘Help’ documentation provided by Scoutbook, that indicates one needs to check the “Needs Approval Report”. Anyway, this is my 1st foray into Scoutbook, so I’m a rank novice. So now I click on “Troop Reports”, and a box appears that reads “No Reports Available”. How do I navigate to the “Needs Purchasing Report”, assuming I need to do so, to ultimately get to the new version of the advancement report I can take to the Scout Shop?

@CraigHall - are you in or in ?

Thx for chiming in, but halfway rhetorically, pls tell me you’re kidding. This reminds me of the switch from, to, to say nothing of the fact that the phrase “Internet Advancement”, from what I could tell, is still being used within Scoutbook.
Anyway, how would I know which one I’m using? I logged into what appears to be “” from my Council’s web page’s hyperlink, then once logged in, I click on the “SB Scoutbook” menu item on the left side of the page. Does that help explain?

@CraigHall - thanks for the info. Depending upon where you are looking the answers and help is different. The Internet Advancement web site is and Scoutbook proper is So anyway, you go to scoutbook, then Dashboard, then administration, then the unit in question, and finally click on reports and what is in that list ?

If you are using the Internet Advancement 2.0 - you don’t need to use Scoutbook

I followed those steps, and clicked on a “Troop Reports” menu item, and that’s where I then see “No Reports Available”.

And to Donovan - I’m not using Internet Advancement 2.0. My Council is exclusively using Scoutbook, as far as I understand.

@CraigHall - could you post a screen shot or we could do a screen share if you would like. The screen share you can email if you want to try that. I am sure it should be asked about positions and roles in the unit as well.

Screen share would be fantastic. Will send email now.

Thanks again, Stephen, for your help in resolving my issue!
And, thanks to you too, Donovan, for adding your insight.

It’s not really up to your council. They may be confused about terms. The new Internet Advancement, which you went through on the way to Scoutbook, actually uses the Scoutbook database. I’d recommend using Scoutbook, but no one is requiring it.

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