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We’ve been trying to get parents to connect their youth to Scoutbook. I see that the posted instructions are now out of date, and a parent needs to “edit extended information” for the profile of their scout. I also see that if a scout has already been connected, “edit extended information” will be blank, with a note to use Edit Profile. As a Key 3, if I view the profile of a connected youth, I can see a youth email address listed in their IA profile. Yet, those scouts do NOT show up as available Youth when I try to send a message from Scoutbook (as a key 3 who has permission to send messages). I see some scouts available to send a message, but not the ones more recently connected, or perhaps those who were not connected properly. Any advice on the current correct process to invite youth to scoutbook, or to troubleshoot problems with youth previously connected, would be much appreciated!

Two sample member numbers: 12385234 and 131866463. Both have youth emails in the system (I can see it in IA), both have active IA accounts (the parent is able to log in as each youth and see their scouting profile). But as Scoutmaster, I do not have the option to send a message to these two youth. And many others.


The first MID has an e-mail address in Scoutbook so the Scout should appear under Send Message. He has a ID so I would ask him to log in to SB if you do not see him listed. His ID is the part of his e-mail address before the @

The 2nd Scout has the same situation. His ID is wb followed by his last name.

Thank you for the reply. Neither scout appears in the possible youth when I try to send a message to the troop. @edavignon are you suggesting that if they just log into SB directly, that should solve the problem, and these youth will appear in my list of possible youth message recipients?


We believe if the Scouts log in to SB the condition that is preventing them from being in the send message list will be reset.

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@RobertKnight - that was the trigger that set them into the send message list… Invite by Parents > scout logs in > they are then active and in the list.

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@edavignon @Stephen_Hornak thank you both - this did the trick. Seems very obvious now, but I didn’t realize the importance of the scout trying to log himself in!

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@RobertKnight - excellent news and glad that worked… so wash, rinse repeat for all the other scouts.

Think of it as them accepting the “subscription” invitation. This is just like many online newsletter systems send an email confirming that you really do want to get their newsletter when you “subscribe” (i.e. so that someone else doesn’t just “subscribe” you without your consent). Until they accept the invitation (“subscription”) by logging in, they don’t get the messages.

Parents are a bit different, it seems, since they get messages for calendar events to which their scouts are invited, whether the adult has ever logged in or not. Maybe the inclusion of their email address on the youth application is taken to be consent? It’s been a while since I actually filled out a youth application as a parent. Consent to email might be explicitly included now.

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