Messaging not working

For the last few days we are unable to send messages it just spins and times out after you press send on mail or text, on phone or desktop.

Open an incognito window and see if it works there.

if it does, then something in your browser is blocking it. You should try:

  1. closing any extensions you are using in your browser
  2. clearing your cache
  3. using a different browser

There seems to be a few reports of it, but I just tested on an iPhone and had no issues. For what it’s worth.

@DarenLinnabary I’m not sure if this is the issue or not, but you have a different e-mail address at my.scouting vs. Scoutbook. Things usually work better when they are the same.

I do not know why it was not working I just did a test and it worked. I updated my email after to match, I do not even know how they got out of sync. I also work in the industry I test website for a profession so I am positive the issue was not a browser issue as I used 3 different browsers on 3 different devices, Mac, Android phone, Windows PC and none would send for the last 3 days. I also had other members attempting. So it was something in the code on the server side that was blocking the send.

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