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Messaging Opt-out returns error when I toggle it in Scoutbook

Every time that I (or my pack admin) toggles the option for my account for “Messaging Opt-out” it returns the message " Whoops! We encountered an error trying to process your request. Our webmaster has been notified and will fix it ASAP!"
I have been trying for a few weeks with the same result.

I don’t believe I ever toggled this setting and I am missing messages from our Den and Pack now.

Anyone able to help fix this issue?


I have duplicated this issue on our test system and notified the developers.

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Thanks @edavignon. Do you know when I might expect to hear a resolution?

When a fix is released, a notice will be posted in the Scoutbook Change Log. I cannot predict when this will be fixed, all I can say is I did tell the developers it should be done ASAP.


I am having the same issue.

This is a known issue. The fix has been developed and is pending release.

I am having the same issue.

It looks like this was fixed in the Jan 20, 2021 update.

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