Users Getting Opted out of Messaging

I have two users that are experiencing the same problem as AlexanderStellema in the Oct 20 post. I see the response below. Is there a suggested work around here? Clear cache and all cookies? Note that I have two users experiencing the same issue (MID 110283629 / 13767469) Thanks in advance.

It sounds kinda like the flag is getting reset by some background process whose state is not being properly updated when the flag is changed to “yes” (i.e. OK to send), but does get flipped whenever the toggle state is changed to “no”. The background process then pushes the “no” back out to the interface.

If it’s cookie-based, though, it has to be tied to the browser. I wonder if the toggle state is getting “reset” by a new login, but takes some time to propagate through the system such that it’s noticed. Have you tried interrogating or deleting all cookies associated with to see if one of them is governing things?

I see that 13767469 has opted for no email, but 110283629 should be ok…

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