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Error message when trying to enable text messaging

My Scouts and family members are getting an error message after they enter the activation code to enable text messaging within Scoutbook. We have been unable to enable texting for any of our members for at least 5 days.

This has been reported to the developers. I do not know when it will be scheduled to be fixed.

Having the same problem here when trying to verify text messaging. Receive the code via text, enter text, get “whoops” message that error has occurred and "Our webmaster has been notified and will fix it ASAP! "
It doesn’t say it will be scheduled but that it will be fixed ASAP.
Carrier is GoogleFi


This is a system problem which affects everyone who tries to enable texting. The developers have been notified but we do not know when a fix will be available.


I appreciate all that the SUAC members do to assist Scoutbook users in need. I have a long career in software development and understand and appreciate everyone on the development teams efforts as well.

From my experience, setting expectations properly from the get go goes a long way in satisfying users needs and raises their confidence level in any software application. I really was just suggesting that the “Oops” message probably shouldn’t say the webmaster “will fix it ASAP!”

Many of these users are volunteers like yourself who may be working on something in the middle of the night, tired and needing sleep. If they have been using Scoutbook and trying to champion it in their Troop for years (2012 or so), seeing this message and knowing it is highly unlikely to be resolved quickly is frustrating.

Thanks for listening to my rant and thank you again for your efforts. I really want Scoutbook to succeed and become a tool that most users can agree benefits the mission of Scouting!

All the best,

We agree that the message is not accurate, and Ed has previously asked for it to be changed, but it hasn’t happened yet.

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Yep, “it hasn’t happened yet” is exactly the point. I’m sure this is a bit frustrating for all of you as well. Keep up your good work folks, thanks!

+1 Same situation with Verizon. Our troop is very excited for this feature to work properly.

Thanks to everyone that works on Scoutbook and to everyone else that shows their caring by volunteering for Scouts.

Nick Streams
Troop 444, Franklin, TN

This has been fixed.

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Excellent! Thanks for the heads up Ed. Works well but added a bit of mark up to my message. Maybe because I’m from the Android ecosystem and every body else does iPhone?

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