Activity records for individual scouts, but is not visible in Activity Log?

I’m trying to enter December camping nights for my Pack in Internet Advancement.

I can create an activity (Finish and Record), and I can see the nights recorded in individual profiles, but I cannot see the activity itself from the Activity Log. For December, it says “There are no activity logs for this month.”

I had no problem creating in October, and I can see the October events no problem. Any ideas?

Does the activity span more than one month?

No, it was Dec 1-3. But good to know that could be a problem. I’ve actually created it twice now, so I need to delete one, but I can’t see it to delete it. :roll_eyes:

I’m having exactly the same issue. And strangely enough, I was able to enter the hike our Scouts did on their Dec 1-3 camping trip. That’s showing up, but the camping isn’t. But, like you, if I go to an individual Scout’s activity, the camping nights do show up. Twice, since I entered it twice trying to get it to work.

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@TamaraCaudill @LauraBrowning1

The workaround for getting into an invisible event is to look it up on a scout’s log, then edit it. You can then delete the event. You may have to remove all scouts to do this. Removing the last scout should produce a prompt to delete the event.

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Is there a reason why it’s not showing up in the log? I’d like for it to show up there. :frowning:

The only similar bug I’m aware of is the one @JenniferOlinger mentioned, where the event extends across a month boundary. This is the first time I’ve heard of one where it was all in one month.

@DougWright was suggesting a work-around for how to access the duplicate to delete it. We all concur that it should be showing up in the logs.

Hi friends! To close the loop on this one, today, I deleted the “invisible” activities, per @DougWright’s instructions. Then, I made a completely new one and everything suddenly works. The Bug has left the building. :slight_smile:

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