Activities not being counted

During a BOR tonight, I tried to run an OA eligibility report for the Scout. When I did, I discovered that it showed that he had no long term camping included on the report. When I looked at his individual record, it also didn’t show that he attended summer camp. However, when I looked at the activities for June 2021, he is listed as having attended Summer Camp (7 days, 6 nights).

When I tried to run a activities report for the Troop for a two year period, it will not produce a unit report, only individual reports on each Scout (and as noted above, those don’t appear to be accurate anymore.

Can anyone explain what is going on?

Yours in Scouting,
Chuck Olson

Please disregard my previous post. I think I found a work around that caused the missing nights to re-appear.


@CharlesOlson can you please describe the “work-around” and post the errant url for the report that “doesn’t work” so I can see if the developers need to troubleshoot. My first inclination (when I have seen this happen previously) is that the Scout’s profile is missing the date joined BSA data field and the OA report isn’t run with that being checked.



I’ll try; I fiddled with this last night after I got home from the Troop meeting. I was focused on fixing his records so I didn’t think about taking screenshots (it was late but I know I should slow down and take screenshots).

I will start by saying that I am the SB administrator, Key 3 Delegate, COR Delegate and one of our advancement chairs for this unit. I also have been administering SB/IA2 going back to shortly after the BSA acquired SB.

First, I looked at the Scout and the event from every possible angle I could find, which included the OA Eligibility Report, the Unit Activities Report. I confirmed that the date perameters were inclusive of the missing event. Looking at the Internet Advancement Activities screen, I went to the event (June 2021) to see if the Scout, CF, was listed as attending the event. It showed that 35 Scouts and Scouters attended.

When I opened the event, it showed that CF was recorded as having attended for 7 days, 6 nights, just like all the other Scouts.

However, when I pulled up CF’s activity report, 2021 Woodruff Summer Camp was not included. When I next ran a unit report, he still was not included as attending, but all of the other Scouts and adults seemed to be and with the correct amount of days and nights.

After flipping through several screens trying to fix the issue, I posted my “Bug” report and decided to call it a night. After submitting the report, I went back to the window showing the Roster view, intending to close it. When I did, I happened to notice that Pending Items showed that there were items needing approval. More out of curiosity, I clicked on it. Among the people who had items that needed approval was CF. 2021 Woodruff Summer Camp was one of two Troop events listed that CF had attended but were not showing up in his activity log. Once I approved them, the events appeared in his camping activity log.

After I saw your message this morning, I went back in and checked CF’s profile and his Date Joined Scouts BSA has the date he joined the Troop in Aril of 2021.

While that solved the immediate problem for CF, it seems odd that this one Scout was processed this way by IA2. Everyone, including CF, who attended 2021 Woodruff Summer Camp was entered when I created the event the week after the Troop returned home. Until last night, I don’t recall having made any changes to that posting. The event and the camping nights for all of the other Scouts and adults who attended 2021 Woodruff Summer Camp showed up in their individual logs without having someone from the Troop “approve” their day and nights of camping. It only happened to this one Scout and it affected just 2021 Woodruff Summer Camp and one other camping event.

I hope this helps someone track down this anomoly.

Have a good week and thank you for serving on SUAC.

Yours in Scouting,


@CharlesOlson thank you for the great description of what took place. It does sound like you encountered the intended programming, that nights do not count unless they are approved. I’m not sure why his camping was not approved while the rest were. My only thought initially, was perhaps they self entered the camping log. I did see where you indicated that you had created the group entry, however, so that may be less likely. Please let us know if this happens again so we can determine if this is a true bug or a one time occurrence.


Will do. Not related to what happened in this case, but I have found self (or parent) entries in the activities log that never show as needing approval. They are not being counted but SB isn’t giving us the option to approve them either.


Just throwing an idea out: is there a chance this scout’s membership was disapproved in scoutbook at the time the camping was entered? Or anything else weird that happened with this scout’s account? Was it ever merged?

Jacob: I am not aware of any other issues with this Scout’s account.


What’s their bsa member number? We can check for any evidence of that also.

BSA # 133170641
SB Id # 4064334

Thank you.

@jacobfetzer thats and great catch to see if there might be more to this individuals issue.

@CharlesOlson if you find examples of when an individual activity log that didn’t require approval (and who entered it and what position they hold) will help us to further investigate. We will probably need the MID of the account in question and which event. Thanks!

Zachery: Please refresh my recollection about what you are referring to when you ask me for “the MID of the account in question?”


MID means BSA member ID number

Hi @CharlesOlson, I was referring to the entry where you had stated that you had seen some individual activity logs that never required approval (and keep in mind, approval was only required post activity log migration in 2020 and thus would only apply to events from that date forward). I would be looking for the MID of the Scout and activity/log of the specific Scout that was entered without requiring approval. This would allow a deeper dive into that particular issue that you had mentioned further in the thread.

Jennifer: Ah ha. Thank you.

Jacob: I sent his MID to Zachery.

I had this exact same problem while trying to do the exact same report. After some poking around I found that if the “Date Joined Scouts BSA” in the Scouts profile on Scoutbook was blank or for some reason had a date entered that was after the event (i.e. went to summer camp 6/1/21-6/6/21, but someone entered their date joined Scouts BSA 7/15/21), it would not tally it in the OA eligibility report, as soon as I fixed the dates in the affected profiles, everything tallied up correctly in the report.

The OA Eligibility Report uses the “Date Joined Scouts BSA” as a way to exclude camping done prior to joining a troop, because camping done as a Cub Scout cannot count towards OA eligibility.

The only think that I’m seeing is that he created a my.scouting account on 6/20/21, the day after that camp ended. I don’t really see how that could cause what you saw, but documenting it here in case we notice something like that again.

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